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  1. Why Are Horoscopes So Alluring

    May 5, 2014 by sysadmin

    Since the dawn of time, people have been looking for ways to tell the future. Have you ever noticed how many fortune tellers are in the bible? This is just one example of people wanting to know the future from an early point in man’s innocence. I know you have an interest in what’s going to happen. That’s only natural. People have been looking for answers just like you are. A lot of people have turned to Horoscopes when they needed to find out what might happen next.

    So, why are horoscopes so popular? This can be answered plainly. A lot of people have found that horoscopes tend to be pretty accurate. They have produced a lot of keen insight into the human condition, and pretty accurate telling’s of what certain human beings will be like.

    Why not use a future prediction service that has been trusted since the time of the Greeks? So many people have found use by following the wise signs of the constellations. I am sure that you will be able to tell why this practice has lasted through the ages. It has lasted so long, for one reason in particular, because it tends to work.

    It isn’t based off of randomness like other future prediction systems. It’s based off the stars themselves. What could be better for telling the future then the stars that hold so many secrets in their little bright hands? People have been looking up at the stars for quite some time, and we’ve all noticed a lot of mystery behind them. It wasn’t till the dawn of civilization that we actually made sense of what they had to tell us.

    Horoscopes are great for letting you know what type of partner you should be with. A lot of us don’t understand exactly who we need to be with, or whether it will work out in the end. This is something that a horoscope can let us know. If you are a pieces, you will be able to find the perfect partner that will go along great with your personality.

    One of the cool things about this sort of Future telling service is how they often let people know who they are for free. This isn’t so true when it comes to other forms of future telling devices, or people that you could turn to. Did you know that a lot of horoscopes are online, and available for free? Why not look into something, even if you don’t believe it? You are not wasting money when it’s for free.

    Horoscopes have become very popular, so popular in fact that App developers have been making free ways of letting you know how your day is going to be, according to your sign. Would you not like to know what surprises might be in store? It’s easy to find out when you have the perfect horoscope on your phone. You can get it on the go, even if you are not at home with your labtop.

    Did you know that there is horoscope dating? This will allow you to find the perfect partner that will match your sign perfectly. It’s also great because they believe in the exact same thing that you do. Which is, the power of the horoscope. These dating sights are available online. Of course, you should always be concerned about your safety. Please make sure that you keep in mind all the things that can go round when you meet someone off the internet. You should always run a background check before you come into contact with anyone.

    A lot of people believe in the power of the horoscope. Horoscope experts have even been featured on popular, and well respected shows. Did you know that the horoscope experts have even been on the Tyra Banks show? Not to mention countless others.

    If you’re interested, why not look up what other people have to say about Horoscopes. They will let you know the reason why this is such an amazing opportunity. You should always make sure that you are well informed when it comes to what a service provides for you.

    The stars don’t lie, they have always been, and will continue to be. They can tell you your future, as others have already figured out. What area you waiting for?

    It’s as simple as a small google search. You will be able to read the writings of horoscope experts. Why should you walk though this world as one of the annoying? You deserve answers, and horoscopes can provide these answers at little, to not cost to you. If you don’t believe in it, it won’t hurt to try. Especially sense a lot of the services are free. Why not give it a shot?

  2. How Can Tarot Help Us

    June 14, 2014 by sysadmin

    tarot card meaningsModern day tarot cards developed from 15th century playing cards. They were originally used in northern Italy and from there expanded across Europe. Different countries had different rules of playing the game. Early decks were hand painted and very small number of them survived to this day. But with the invention of printing press their mass production became possible. Earliest use of tarot cards in occult purposes was in the 16th century, but the cards themselves did not carry any meaning, they just helped the oracle to give his predictions. First deck designed for occult purposes was from the 18th century. From then, many different versions of tarot cards are made, and ornamented with hands of different artists. Also, different regions gave their particular look to these cards based on their traditions. Egyptian, and ancient Greek and Roman motives are often found on Tarot cards. Very soon after making of these cards, the handbook was issued with ways to interpret their meaning, and ways of arranging them on the table during occultism. Every card in deck have its particular meaning. Of course, occultist is the one who interpret those meanings. That is why there is no only one way to give predictions through tarot cards. You can say that every occultist will interpret the cards in its own way.

    How can tarot help us? People often found themselves in a situation that seems insoluble. But life goes on, and every situation have its outcome. When we hear some possible outcome, either good or bad, it gets easier for us to solve our problems. In a way tarot gives us guidelines for resolving our issues. Some psychologists like Carl Gustav Jung, were using symbols from the tarot cards, to explain different human behavior, and to help people discover the roots of their problems. When you go to the séance, and hear a good prediction, you became full of hope and motivated. You start to think that stars are on your side, and you cope with your problems easier. Every occultist usually tries to give you hope, and to give you optimistic point of view. Even if the predictions are bad, you will have some time to prepare for the worse, which is also a good thing. People are often hesitant, when it comes to choosing the right track in life. When you are in a dilemma, tarot can help you choose the best way to solve it. It can also give you some fresh and new ideas for improving our lives, and show us when is the right moment to start new projects or finish the old ones. It is also used to separate our friends from our enemies, and to draw conclusions which person wishes us good, and who wishes us bad.

    Either you believe in occult, or you are visiting occultist just for fun, Tarot cards will refresh your look on things that are important in your life. This visit will definitely give you one way to go through life, and you can follow it or not. At the end, all the choices are yours to make.

  3. Can Astrology Find The Right Love Partner

    June 2, 2014 by sysadmin

    taurus love horoscope characterIf you have grown close to a mother figure or a lady, then you are aware that they are notorious for leaving nothing to chance. With them, everything has to be well planned out and every bug that comes to their sight is taken out with the utmost force. They protect their families like the famous proverbial Vikings and their lives follow a strict schedule that is rarely broken. It is this compulsive nature of women that may help one understand their long lasting relationship with relationship horoscopes and more so love astrology that seems to spun out of control whenever a new a guy comes into the picture. The question is why do they pay so much attention to this? 


    The first thing that matter most to any woman is to have a guy that will love the things that she loves and those that do not deviate far from her likings. This ensures that she will not have to abandon all that she likes once she starts taking the guy seriously and also that they will be able to do some fun things together that they both like. Furthermore, they like leaning more to the signs that are more compatible to theirs. 


    The one thing that stands out in horoscopes is that they have a tendency to stereotype people depending on the period that they were born. There are some characters that women have an eye out for and once they are aware of the day you were born, you can rest guaranteed that she will look you up. This helps the lady to understand and know what to expect from you and gives them a sense of direction and plan of action that they can follow. It also gives them an ideal of what to expect in certain situations especially in argument. 

    Top Relationship Horoscopes from Marcus Lee

    Conservation of time and effort. 

    It is very rare that you will find a lady dating for fun. When they date, they sink their teeth, blood and sweat into making the relationship work. They have to be sure that the person they are exerting all the effort for is worth it and that they will reciprocate it to some degree. They want a guy whose sign says he is serious and will do anything to make things work. Dedication is his instinct. If your sign has something about being more in touch with your feminine side you can rest guaranteed that you will be rated very well. 


    Let’s face it, women love to dream and you can’t blame them for that. They want a guy that is close to that dream and the closer the better. While men maybe more realistic and less demanding, women will not leave anything to chance. Your looks and stability may not be enough to sail you through. They want a guy that once in a while will sweep them off their feet literally, blow their minds away and do something amazing and let’s face it this is not the cup of tea to most men. 

    While you may think that your lady is wasting her time reading the horoscope each waking morning, to her it is another way of getting to know you and understand you. It is vital for her well being and that of the relationship. While some of the matters may not matchup, in some cases it does help as they know how to handle you better. The bad part is that your horoscope may sell you down the road – hence a lot maybe expected from you.

    Capricorn Love Horoscope – Analysis and Interpretation

  4. Is Vedic Love Astrology Better Than Western?

    May 20, 2014 by sysadmin

    Know More about Tamil Astrology: Finding Your Perfect Match

    Are the stars shining down upon you as you slowly find yourself in a worthy relationship that is meant to be? There are families all over the world that believe in astrology being the perfect answer to finding a suitable mate. Are you planning on tying the knot soon? If nuptial bells are already ringing in your head but you still have to decide on marrying the right person then a little astrological advice might seem befitting. Astrology plays a key role in establishing a thorough study of an individual’s zodiac according to which you can find if you are compatible with your partner or not.

    Importance of Astrology

    Tamil Astrology 2014In India Tamil astrology follows the basic configuration of Vedic concepts where priests study the birth charts of both the individuals to check if matrimonial ties are possible or not. Such approaches where the astrology or position of stars is studied to predict the success of a relationship has been a traditional and authentic strategy. While studying zodiac of the couple, the focus is laid upon the compatibility of the two individuals based on their native traits. In Tamil astrology we study 13 possibilities of horoscope matching – nadi, ganam, rajju, sthree theerkam, yoni, rasi, rasi athipathi, vasiyam, nadchathiram, vethai, virudcham, aayul and mahendram.

    Love Horoscopes – What are they?

    Based upon the individual traits of every sun sign, love match horoscopes have been introduced that assist a couple to understand what their relationship lacks. You might believe in ‘love’ and respect’ as the sole emotions that bind two individuals together then based upon your zodiac, a lot more can be understood about your relationship. For example, in a relationship that exists between a Cancer and a Taurus, the compatibility is said to be incredibly high. Since Cancer is a sun sign who is known to be a home maker with intense, deep feeling, a Taurus offers the perfect balance of harmony and security.

    Relationship compatibility matching takes place on the basis of you love sun signs which can ideally decide the kind of person you wish to marry. With respect to birth charts, ruling planets, elements and basic traits of the zodiac, a love horoscope is predicted. In order to find how compatible one sun sign is with the other, there are certain astrological aspects studied like the conjunction, square, sextile, trine and opposition. This westernized form of relationship compatibility matching is popular all over the world.

    Vedic Astrology – What is it?

    But based upon the couple’s moon signs, horoscopes are predicted in Indian astrology which is distinct from love sun sign astrology. It is believed that the body of the universe consists of 12 ‘rashis’ or ‘zodiac’ where each sign predicts a part of the body. Tamil astrology is just another segment of Vedic astrology that is defined from the traditional roots of India. In this, fixed constellations of stars known as Gemini, Leo, Aries etc are studied. The position and movements of planets is calculated accordingly with respect to the astrological signs. It is believed that the phenomenon ‘Ayanamsha’ defines the fundamentals of Vedic astrology. The nuptial possibilities between two individuals are found using ‘Jathaka porutham’, also known as Tamil horoscope matching, is a quintessential element of Vedic astrology.


  5. 12 Signs Of The Chinese Zodiac

    May 17, 2014 by sysadmin

    Zodiac Horse from ChinaThe oriental animal zodiac infers to the term born resembling. The zodiac goes by rotating 12 years with every year represented by an animal’s sign based on its reputed features. The animals were used to date the year for a cycle of 12 years.

    The 12 Chinese Zodiac animals are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Through the signs, the predictions for the future in the context of love, wealth, health, career, and general outlook can be made. Here is a list of the signs and their lucky elements.

    1. The Rat

    The rat is the first position in the Zodiac signs. The personality of the rat is quick witted, resourceful and versatile. The lucky colors of the sign are blue, gold, and green with the lucky numbers being 2 and 3. The lucky flowers for the sign are lily, African violet, and lily of the valley.

    2.The Horoscope Ox

    It is the second sign of the Zodiac. The lucky numbers of the sigh are 1 and 4 while the lucky colors are blue, yellow and green. The Ox lucky flowers are tulips and sacred lily.

    3. The Tiger

    The tiger is the third sign with a personality of bravery, competitiveness, and unpredictability. The lucky numbers of the tiger are 1, 3 and 4 while the lucky colors are blue, grey, white, and orange. The lucky flower for the sign is cineraria.

    4. The Rabbit

    The rabbit is the next sign with a personality of being gentle and quiet, alert, kind and patient. The lucky numbers for rabbit are 3, 4 and 9 while the lucky colors are red, pink, purple and blue. The lucky flowers are cyclamen, plantain lily, and fittonia.

    5. The Dragon

    This is the fifth sign with lucky colors being gold, silver, and grayish white. The lucky numbers are 1, 6 and 7 and the lucky flower is bleeding glory-bower.

    6.The snake

    This is the sixth sign and has the lucky numbers of 2, 8 and 9 and lucky flowers or orchid and cactus. The lucky colors for the snake are red, pale yellow and black.

    7.The horse

    It ranks as the seventh sign with its lucky numbers being 2, 4, and 9 and the lucky colors being green, red and purple. The lucky flowers for the horse are giant taro and jasmin.

    8.The goat

    The goat is the eight sign with the lucky numbers 2 and 7. The lucky colors for the goat are green red and purple while the lucky flowers are carnation and primrose.

    9.The monkey

    This is the ninth sign with lucky numbers 1, 7 and 8. The lucky colors for the goat are white gold and blue. The lucky flower is chrysanthemum.

    10.The rooster

    The rooster is the tenth sign in the Chinese Zodiac. Its lucky numbers are 5, 7 and 8 while its lucky colors are gold, yellow and brown. The rooster’s lucky flowers are gladiola and balsamine.

    11.The dog

    The eleventh sign in the Zodiac is the dog. The dog’s lucky numbers are 3, 4 and 8 while its lucky colors are green, red and purple. The signs lucky flower is rose.

    12.The pig

    The pig is the twelfth sign in the Chinese zodiac. The signs lucky numbers are 2, 5 and 8 while its lucky colors are yellow, gray, brown, and gold. The lucky flowers for the pig are hydrangea and daisy.

    Would you like to find out more about Chinese Astrology. If so please visit the best chinese horoscope from George Tang


  6. Fale Tarot Readings – Are They Any Good?

    May 13, 2014 by sysadmin

    Fale Tarot is a form of Iranian Tarot reading that is gaining popularity with people looking for an alternative to traditional tarot.  Originally from ancient Persian, Fale tarot is brought into the modern world through the good offices of an Algerian lady, Madame Indira.  Madam Indira developed the modern Fal tarot card deck that is used almost universally for Persian Fale tarot readings.  It is said that the basis of Iranian Tarot lies with the ancient poet Hafez who is said to have inspired the originla concept of Persian tarot reading. If this is true then so be it but the modern Fale tarot deck is a very attractive proposition.

    There is no doubt that the Fale tarot card deck of Madam Indira is a very appealing piece of work.  The glorious colours and artistry go well with the simplicity of the subjects that are represented. The deck of cards has major and minor and court cards much like a more familiar Ryder-Wait tarot deck.  However, Madam Indira has given this traditional layout a new magic by including Princes, Princesses, Animals and more in the reduced set of 55 Cards (opposed to the 72 cards in a more traditional tarot deck..

    Madam Indira Tarot Deck

    The Persian people are very fond of mysticism so the  Fale tarot appeals to them immensely. Using the common Celtic Cross tarot spread there is no shortage of experts providing Persian tarot card readings in Iran.  The richly decorated cards and the symbolism behind each is very appealing.  Time must be taken when carrying out (or receiving) a Fale tarot Reading. It is a critical part of the reading that each card drawn is interpreted individually and meditative time must be taken over this stage.  Ultimately these strands are pulled together to give the overall theme of the reading (the overall meaning).

    Have you ever considered having a Persian tarot reading?.  If you haven’t then I would definitely recommend considering it. These readings are becoming more accessible in the world as the appeal of Persian tarot spreads more globally.  I hope you will be tempted to follow up this article and arrange a reading of your own. You will find it very rewarding I assure you and at the very least you will leave the reading undertanding yourself and your future options a little better. Alternatively, once you have seen a deck of Fale Tarot cards you may want to buy your own set. They are beautiful to have around the house and you will find yourself drawn back to them at diffrent times and with different moods.  I recommend Persian tarot to you.